The Exit


Her friends told her that marriage added colors in their lives.

It sure did, for her too. They were in shades of red, blue and black.

The mind learnt to live with rations of love and affection along with a big serving of degradation, though the heart felt trapped.

It was like that animal in a cage that was loved but had lost its freedom and self esteem.

For how long could she look the other way? Tolerance always has limits.

She decided to just walk off and kept on walking. It was her most powerful yet graceful walk ever!

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15 thoughts on “The Exit

  1. Those colors should never be apart of a marriage! I am glad she had the guts to leave and get out of a bad situation. Lovely story…unfortunately true to life for way to many.

  2. better late than never,she took the decision to leave the caged marriage. You have handled this subject in a sensitive manner.

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