Writing Without the Muse

It’s been a week since I wrote on my blog here. I fretted and fumed, struggled and strived the entire week. The more I tried to get the thoughts and ideas flowing, the deeper the brain went into the freeze mode and stiffer the fingers became as if suffering from an advanced stage of arthritis.

It was not that I had paucity of time or there was dearth of ideas. I have been exploring and soaking in all that Kuwait has to offer and my camera is testimony to that as it  is capturing all that action. I have so much to share about my experiences here and still I am not able to express it. Is it the excitement of sharing the unusual treats, sights and experiences that I am having here and or is it that I am stressing too much about writing all that? Whatever it is, fact is that I am fed up of the blank page on my laptop screen.

I know, I can coolly say that it’s that awful writer’s (blogger’s) block. But I can’t just sit around, wring my hands and wait for the muse to arrive.

I decided to take the bull by its horn and am committed to write without bothering much about the block or the muse or the pressure or the blank page.  In fact, today, I simply fired the muse and showed up myself here and got working.

And here I am with a short post and hopefully, this will get me in the groove. Here’s hoping that the words will flow effortlessly and smoothly without a break at this space.

Have a great week ahead, folks and see you all soon! Cheers!


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36 thoughts on “Writing Without the Muse

  1. A lot of us encounter this problem Shilpa. The main reason, I think, is that the emotion that we felt at the moment of the experience is not as powerful when we sit to write… or maybe we cannot remember its intensity.

    Have you tried using Evernote, where you can make notes and save photos and access them from any device? I was skeptical about using it earlier, but the more I use it, the more I feel like I was missing out on something awesome earlier.

    Maybe making a note of your feelings and experiences when you sit in a café or a hotel will help you overcome the block.

    • You are spot on, Vishal. I have had some amazing experiences but somehow I am not able to capture them in words or when I have written them, they didn’t appear to be so amazing…
      No, I haven’t explored Evernote. Will check it out… thanks for sharing your thoughts, Vishal!

  2. Can relate to this. Sometimes you have the time and the ideas but the fingers wouldnt get to work. So what if you dont have anything specific to write about, even these posts help us get back to what we’re best doing 🙂

    • Yes, you are spot on, Ashwini. There’s so much to share and they were not taking any shape or form. True… pushing yourself to write helps sometimes.

  3. You are a terrific blogger and this is just a passing cloud, Shilpa. We all go through these passing clouds so don’t let it worry you. You will write in full throttle when you are ready to – all the best!

  4. It’s the all too-familiar feeling that comes and goes for all us bloggers, so ignore and carry on. If you do not feel like writing, just take a break once in a while. I find taking small-notes during traveling really helps me to write about it later, when I have the time 🙂

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