Delayed Connection


I’m sitting by the window, waiting for a piece of my young adult life to walk in through the door.

As if on cue, he’s wading through the sea of tables and fellow diners.

His eyes light up on seeing me and before the pleasantries, he gives his reason for being late, just like before.

We talk about a million things and fall into an uncomfortable silence when it’s time to leave.

And at that very moment, I realize that I’ve never stopped loving him.

I stare at him in shocked silence, when he says, “I’ve never stopped loving you.”

Linking this to Writing Wednesdays at Write Tribe. Today’s prompt is a Wordle consisting of 10 words. From these words, use a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 words in the post.


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41 thoughts on “Delayed Connection

    • Yes, that would be one amazing relationship when you both are on the same wavelength. Would it have some cons, I wonder!
      Thanks Vinay, glad you liked this attempt.

  1. beautiful drabble shilpa! Amazed at your dedication…..despite travel and a hazaar other things that you are occupied with, you come up with such creative ones. You make it seem effortless.

    • Oh, I am not as busy as you… It’s you who is following your passions and dreams and exploring so many new things as well. You are the busy bee, Asha. Admire you for all that and much more. So good to see you here. We must chat sometimes soon!

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