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In Love

I never thought that I would fall so deeply in love but I have, and hard. I resisted the temptation for years and when I couldn’t ignore it, I treaded the path, gingerly and with a lot of skepticism. The initial misgivings were because I come from old school of thought. Since, I had taken the plunge, there was no turning back. Yes, I don’t do things half way. Before long, I realized that I was enjoying myself and that came as a big surprise!  I thought that this was a fleeting feeling and that it would die its death soon. But, surprise, surprise, with each passing day, my love grew deeper and stronger. And I can say it boldly that my life has changed and believe me that it is not an exaggeration.

Yes, I am in love with my Kindle…truly, madly and deeply!!

It was 2014 and I had to review a book for a friend which was available only in the Kindle format. Prior to this book, I had read a PDF book on Kindle app which was a bad bad experience. Since I HAD to review this book, despite a lot of apprehensions, I read it on the Kindle app on my phone and I quite liked the experience. Slowly and gradually, I was sucked into the world of Kindle books.

When I won a Kindle in a blogging contest, my happiness knew no bounds. Today, I prefer reading Kindle books over physical books.

Recently, I had to review a paperback. I picked it up and gave it up after first chapter. Somehow, I found the small font size and even holding the book in my hands a bit cumbersome. I looked up for its Kindle version and thankfully, it was available on Kindle Unlimited and finished reading it in no time.

Yes, that’s another thing I like about Kindle books. I have been able to read more number of books and at a faster pace as well.SAVE_20170805_223905

The other day, I was checking a paperback and came across a new word. I kept pressing and holding the word harder for it to show me the meaning. It was a few seconds later, I realized that I was digging a hole in the paperback.

I carry my Kindle everywhere as it fits well in my purse unlike the paperbacks which can be sometimes bulky. In case, I forget to carry it, which is rarely, the books syncs across all devices and I can continue reading it on my phone.

My library cupboard is overflowing with books. In fact, the books are packed like sardines and this is when I have donated 45 books to a local library. Even if I want to, I cant afford to buy more paperbacks because I just don’t have space to store them. With Kindle, I can buy books to my heart’s content and that they are economical than the printed books is an added advantage.

I was that girl who believed in the smell and feel of a new book, loved caressing the glossy cover with my fingers, and arranged and re-arranged the books by genre, size, colours… but all that has changed. Kindle has truly transformed my reading habit and has made me more addicted to the written word.

Are you a Kindle convert like me? Or are you still in love with reading the good old-fashioned paperbacks? Or are you a bit of both?

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34 thoughts on “I Am in Love #WriteBravely

  1. I still find it difficult to read Ebooks. I don’t have a Kindle because it am not sure whether I’ll be using it. Thou I have downloaded the app and even have bought some books, but yet to read them.

  2. Ohhhh at first I was like “great, you’re in love!!” and then I realized it’s with a Kindle 😉 Hehe! I’m a fan of eBooks too – so convenient to carry around and love how they hold my place on the page – but I also do like a paperback sometimes. So, I’m liking both 🙂 Cheers to love <3

  3. I prefer the actual book but I have used e-readers and they saved our lives when we lived in Peru where there was little access to books in English.

  4. I am not a fan of reading on a screen Shilpa, but my recent bottleneck is reading itself. I want to read, I buy books all the time and end up piling them on my table. I have a seperate section in each room I frequent with books many of which have been bookmarked halfway through. I think by the number of posts I have come across in this #WTFOW I would carve a time out to read.

  5. I am still that old fashioned person who likes to smell the pages of a new book before even having a look into the written text. I have come close to buying a kindle many times but then did not since I am not sure whether it will be worth for me. But I get your point, after one point of time, when there will be not a single empty place in the house to keep the paperbacks, I will have to get into kindle.

  6. While I haven’t YET reached the phase where I press the paper to see a word meaning appear, I am definitely a Kindle convert. And usually, just the mobile app too as it gives me a welcome distraction during breaks from work, allowing me to keep the reading habit going 🙂
    Just the option of having 100s of books at your disposal at any given second is worth it!

  7. Nice twist to get the reader realize it’s kindle. After winning a kindle in a contest I am completely hooked onto it. Its more convenient, compact and somehow I don’t really miss the feel of books

  8. You WON a kindle? That is so cool!!
    And yes, I have done it too – pressing a word for its meaning to pop up – in a paperback. LOL
    I love the way you started today’s post….leading us into thinking that we are going to read a love story of two people. He he.

  9. I read both on Kindle and on paperback. 🙂 I still lean toward paperbacks though. 😀 55-45 maybe. I used to detest Kindle books, but then, I read it on my friend’s Kindle, and quite liked the experience. So I bought one. I do agree it makes you read quicker 🙂

  10. Somehow I can’t bring myself to invest in a Kindle. Really strange since I am a gizmo freak and love trying out new technologies… but something about Kindle is holding me back….

  11. I got initiated to the Kindle after much apprehension early this year. And lo behold! I loved it. Yes, the ease with which one can use a Kindle versus a paper back is a big one up-you can read in the dark, you can look for word meanings without trying to locate the dictionary and the icing on the cake-it’s so light.
    But yes, I still remain loyal to my paper back and try and juggle between the both. Oh for the love of books!
    I loved your post and your introduction had me intrigued. Thought you would talk about your partner. 😉


  12. Oh I’m still old school. When I relocated to Kuwait, I fretted for months about what to do with my books 😛 😛 😛 For now, I’ve asked my brother to be Guardian Angel, but I’m definitely gatting them back soon.

    I once read a PDF book on my laptop…and hated it! 😀 Esp hated when I didn’t have access to the laptop and read bits of it via my phone. Don’t think I’ll ever go the kindle way.

  13. I still love reading paperbacks ..tried reading on I pad but I mostly ended up banging my head with it as I used to sleep off while reading but with this post I feel I should give a try to kindle ..

  14. Oh I have been unable to fall in love with it though I too have a house overflowing with books of all kinds and no more money to buy books!!! But somehow I find myself unable to make the transition!! Sigh! I am old, I guess 😉 ssssssh!

  15. Call me old fashioned, but never mind. I am in love with hardbound books. I never prefer Kindle due to my high myopia. But want of space for paperback is the only drawback. I usually leave read magazines and books wherever I go like hospitals, banks, beauty parlours, temples …. By that I try to help some one to read …..

  16. Wow you won a kindle! Closest thing I have ever won is books 😉
    My husband loves his kindle & im yet to explore the joys!
    As you mentioned, truly, madly, deeply savage garden started playing in the back of my mind

  17. I do most of my “serious” reading–books I’m studying, analyzing–the traditional way because I mark them up and use sticky notes. Lighter reading definitely on my iPad using the Kindle app.

  18. No I never attempted to read on kindle, except a few small e books related to my work on the computer. I love to have the book in my hand, as too much on the system hurts my eyes. Glad to know that you have fallen in love:)

  19. Lol … Shilpa this is so true!1 I was a hard-core paperback lover.. And even argued with kindle users on the demerits of using a kindle… Recevied as a gift from my husband and after that, trust me, am in love with it too…. I love the choices and the suggestions galore it provides… Its been a year now and I have read a great deal of books….

  20. All these years I have been resisting kindle as I always believed that I am a big lover of paper books. But now that I am a mother of 2 and can not read at night (which I had been doing for ages) I am totally tempted to buy a Kindle. And I am sure once I start using it, I am going to fall in love with it for the fact that it’s so convenient, easy to carry plus affordable as compared to books.

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