10 Reasons Why Travel Makes YOU Awesome

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Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. No, you don’t get rich in terms of dollars or rupees, but it makes you a better you… an awesome you!

How and why does travel make you awesome? Let me count the ways:

  • You Become More Confident : You have traveled at all hours of the night alone, haggled with cabbies and rickshaw-wallahs, dined alone in restaurants, fought eve-teasers, hiked through the hills, swam in the Ganges while doing white water rafting… You have done all these awesome things which were once outside your comfort zone. And these experiences do make you confident, for you know that you can achieve anything you might never have thought possible.
  • You are Better at Conversations : If you are an introvert, travel certainly makes you an ambivert, if not an extrovert. While you may like to hide behind a book, your co-passengers might have different thoughts. It starts with small talks but pretty soon you realize that you can talk comfortably to strangers and some of your best conversations have been with strangers.
  • You Become Good at Problem-Solving : Your male co-passenger in the Volvo bus insists on sitting as if he is sitting on the sofa at his home. He not only occupies the armrest completely, but encroaches in your space too. You first push yourself in the far corner, then request him to sit properly and when that fails, you call the bus conductor and tell him loudly for all to hear to make the ‘gentleman’ buy another ticket because he is not able to contain his body parts in one seat!

10 Reasons Why Travel Makes YOU Awesome

  • You Learn to Adapt : Not everything goes according to plan when you travel. Long delays, bad food, wrong terminals, terrible service, pathetic hotel rooms, obnoxious co-travelers… you are bound to experience all this and much more. You don’t shed tears or throw tantrums when facing these uncomfortable situations. You know that you have to find a way to deal with these curve balls and move on.
  • You Learn to be More Appreciative : As you travel, you see such sad and harsh realities of life and that it isn’t easy and fair for most. You learn to count your blessings and express gratitude for all the good you have.
  • You Will be Open to New Things : You are a non-vegetarian but restrict to only chicken and mutton. But when an opportunity comes to taste beef, camel’s meat, pork or crabs or quails… you say, “what the heck! meat is meat!”


  • Your Skills Improve Dramatically – You have to reach the airport on time, you have to carry certain gear and different set of clothes for the trip, so your time management, organizational skills, decision making skills get better.
  • You Value Your Loved Ones : Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Staying away from home, makes you appreciate your family and friends and not to take them for granted, ever. You learn to appreciate the comfort of mundane routines. And even find a new respect for the life you often wish to escape.
  • You Become a Happier Person : Detox from social media, getting some quality time to spend with yourself (if you are solo traveling) or with your family helps you to let go of stress and everyday worries and boosts happiness.
  • You Become an Interesting Person : After having seen so many cultures and cuisines and gone through varied good, bad and ugly experiences, you become a storyteller, which makes you the life of any gathering!

Need any more reasons? So, go on and pack your bags to become a super awesome person. Happy travels!

What are some ways that you’ve learned and changed through travel?