7 Similarities

imagesThere are some personality characteristics that a child inherits from the parents.

And then there are personality characteristics that parents teach their children knowingly or unknowingly and as a result the child acquires the same characteristics of the parents as if they inherited them.

Then, there are some personality traits that the child develops that the parents never had.

I am not dissecting on what my child has inherited from me or what I have taught him. In this post, I simply list the 7 similarities between Aaryan, my 11 year old son and me.

Here we go…

  1. Biology : A few days ago, my sister asked Aaryan about his favorite subject. Instantaneously he replied, Biology. Though he started studying Bio as a separate subject only from this year, I am beaming with pride that he shares my love for Bio. For a science exhibition a few months ago, he opted for Bio as his subject and made a thermocol model of Amoeba and Euglena and got a prize for it too.
  2. Food : We love the same foods and dislike the same foods too. South Indian food is our favoritest and we both don’t like fruits like Papaya, Melons, Watermelons. I know, whether I would like a new dish or not from the look and smell of it! And it is just the same for him, though I have tried my best to make him try dishes/fruits that I personally don’t like.
  3. Outdoor Games : I was terrible at outdoor games. The basket ball coach at school identified this trait in a week and kindly suggested that I better opt for Yoga during the sports period. It is the same for Aaryan. He tries very hard to play but is just kind of OK at various games. I remember, his outbursts when the other kids in his team would invariably consider him as the 12th man in cricket. His letters and weekly calls in the last 6 months have informed us that he has tried his best to get into his school house team for Football, Gymnastics, Basketball, Boxing and now Hockey. I am glad that he is getting the exposure to all these games and hope that soon he will find a game he enjoys playing.
  4. Swimming : When Aaryan was 4 year old he was enrolled in a summer camp to learn swimming. Seeing his reluctance to enter the pool for days, the coach suggested that I learn along with him. Seeing me in the pool, he gained confidence and rest is history. We simply love swimming. He loves beating me in our 1-lap contests and I love the glee on his face.Summer Camp 014
  5. Online / Computer Games : Guess, God has his ways of compensating. Knowing that we don’t have skills for outdoor games, He has ensured that we are proficient in computer games. We are simply awesome at these. While many would give up playing the ‘Angry Birds’ or ‘Temple Run’ after some time. But not us, the mother-son duo. We can keep playing these games for hours non-stop in our quest to better our own scores.
  6. Tears : We both are so very sensitive that a drop of a hat can turn our tear glands into taps. I am getting worse though with age but I am glad that the boarding school is toughening him up and we rarely see those emotional or silent tears.
  7. Movies and Shopping : Aaryan and I, both love watching his age appropriate movies and shopping. Aaryan is a perfect companion for both these activities. We both love shopping in the mall and do so from morning afternoon to evening and enjoy the outing thoroughly.

What personality traits have you inherited from your parents and/or are common with your children?

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013.


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81 thoughts on “7 Similarities

  1. congrats to Aaryan on his Bio science project. My English teacher use to say that a child inherits his/her the features of his/her mom and the other half of papa. My child had inherited most of the traits from my hubby.

  2. Nice comparison shilpa!
    To cite the similarities between me and my daughter, hmm… dats another topic.
    Whenever my girl excels in her school, I beam with pride,(isn’t she just like me?). On the contrary, if she misbehaves with the I-don’t-bother attitude, all I get to tell is ‘how cud she behave exactly like HIM ?’
    My husband stares and chuckles, ‘I heard the same thing happening in my friend’s house’. :
    are all moms similar ?!

  3. Glad you and Aaryan have so many similarities. Don’t worry about Aaryan being selected only as a 12th man. Michael Jordan, one of the best professional basketball players of all times, was not selected to play for his high school. His coach said he is not good.

  4. Interesting compilation Shilpa, yes we all share peculiar traits with our parents… I love certain weird food combinations just like my mother and my father cant help but keep teasing us about it…

  5. Ah, I can see you beaming while coming up with this post and smiling as you type every word! Ah, after I got married, me thinks that I am exactly like my mom in many ways – something which I never thought about earlier! Phew!

    Joy always,

  6. That’s a cutie post.

    I inherited my love for movies from my mom who had inherited it from her dad. I seem to have passed on the bug to my daughter too 🙂 also she gets my temper and has learnt to keep her things in their place. She likes order just like me and she’s very athletic like her father. She was born with her dancing shoes on while we parents both have a left feet on the dance floor. 🙂

    • I like the movie and the orderliness part. Glad about her dance too. We both are just like you two… dont dance at all… hope sonny boy at least learns social dancing on his own! 😀

  7. I am told that certyain traits skip generations. So am fingers crossed that my child(whenever she is born) inherits her grandgfathers traits … thts my only solace 😉

  8. Hmmm, I guess I inherited reading habits from my father, although he doesn’t read books as such, but he reads the entire newspaper. All of it.
    My interest in crafts and homemade goods and foods and sewing, embroidering and crocheting came to me through my mother.
    Writing, I am certain, came from my grandfather.

  9. From both my father and mother I inherit the love of reading. This gene has skipped my brothers by. But all of us in the family have no problem at all with writing.

    I am no good at sports like both my parents.

    I can’t drive a car (though I am ok with two wheelers) like my parents.

    Like my mother, and my daughter after we me, our hair has to be ship shape.

  10. super cute post!!

    my son recently stumped me when he siad his fav subject is History!!! how can someone LIKE history!!! one habit we both share is our love of books and he has taken to writing too..and i helped him create his own blog!!!

  11. aaryan seems to be a chip of the old block, shilpa.

    After reading your post…i am trying and trying to see if there is any similarity…..looks like they have taken after their father more than me…. i like bio…my children don’t like bio. i am not an outdoor sport person….they are into outdoor…i am more of an internet person….my children have deactivated their FB account or browse only when they require …..swimming…..no…i don’t go near water and they are ace swimmers……mmmm…. even after taking hints from this post….i am not able to find any similarity:(… but hey wait…….they have inherited my anger gene…hehehe…..atleast one similarity i could find.

  12. It feels good when you see your kid following same interest as you 🙂
    My daughter is lot like me in taking a lot and eating less spicy/less fried food and lot of fruits. She loves reading just like me 🙂
    But she is good in stage performance and all..I never step on stage during my whole school/college tenure 🙂

  13. Interesting, isn’t it how kids pick up one trait from this parent and one from the other? And then there are those scores of traits which everyone will swear are just like the ‘grandfather’ or ‘that uncle’ or the ‘masi’. Loved your post. And your son likes shopping.. Wow.. An unusual one for a man! :-).

    • I know, some traits are traced in distant relatives too 😉
      I am really glad that Aaryan likes shopping, as KG also loves shopping, so guess, shopping is the dominant gene in our family! 😀

  14. Shilpa my son’s name is Aryan too. Yes that that additional ‘a’ is missing though. Thankfully, Aryan has gone on his dad. I’ll blow a fuse over silly things, he’s always cool; am always impatient, he takes things with a pinch of salt, come hail or high water. I especially remember his first day in school, when other children were busy wailing wanting to go back to their mother’s, this lad simply stared at those crying kids. I on the other hand, was always crying all the way to school till my sr.kg. I just thank God for making him like his dad.

  15. Nice post Shilpa 🙂 I do share many similarities with my father, the same passion for books, sports and current affairs. Recently i was congratulated by my students and friends alike when my daughter secured merit rank in an entrance exams that too in history and archaeology. I am passionate about social sciences and she is inclining towards it inspite being a qualified electronics and communication engineer 🙂

  16. So True.. People often say am true replica of my mother. But not only have I shared the looks I happen to share the same creative instinct from her.
    I can sense the proud emotions here….:)

  17. It is so cool how our children seem to inherit everything from looks and personalities to gifts and interests from us. Often I look at my own children and am completely amazed that they are so much like me!!

  18. Sweet similarities you both have. God bless.
    This topic is highly combustible in my home. We have two kids who are a total mixture of the both of us. So, now if we say one thing to someone, the other gets offended. 🙂

    • I can imagine the pride, Smitha. Though we may not like some of our traits in our children, but we are more empathetic whenever we witness that negative behaviour. 😛

  19. I have inherited love for literature, fixation for cleanliness, importance of discipline from Mom, while from Dad, I have inherited impatience…phew! I wish I had inherited his trust in one and all, and the whole world.

  20. it must be such a beautiful feeling to see your son grow just like you…and the mother son relation is way above all others and the glee on the parents face when they see delight on their pupil’s face of beating them to a race is unmistakable and i could almost visualize yours.

  21. Hi,
    Cute and Nice post !
    My daughter is just 1 year old, and I am already looking for signs of similarities 🙂 Still in the process of identification 🙂 and I am competing with my hubby on this…a fun activity for both of us and a source of amusement for the little one 🙂

    Coming here for the first time, and totally loving the blog 🙂 all the best !

    • Oh wow! I can imagine the fun at your place. It is such a sweet battle… both the parents trying to take the credit for a good behaviour or a trait. Have a fab time with your lil one and welcome to this space, Sreeja. See you around 🙂

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  23. Hi shipa ! Loved your page, felt so good visiting, some common similarities me and my daughter – food, swimming ofcourse computer (not games for me) thanks for sharing, liked your post.

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