It’s my birthday today. I turn another year older and another year wiser. Older? Wiser? I thought of replacing older with younger, but guess that’s too clichéd. For the wiser part, well I’d like to entertain myself today with this thought, after all, it is my special day!

I am not at all fussy about the way my birthday should be celebrated, but I do like to receive wishes from my family and friends. And, since last year, I am looking forward to wishes from Google, the God too!


Needless to say that I really look forward to wishes from my boys! You may wonder, what is there to pine for birthday wishes from the husband and the child.

Well, the thing is that they both are blessed with memory (for birthdays) like a sieve. Unlike me who has a memory like an elephant especially for important days and dates, these two guys can’t remember the one birthday that they should not be forgetting at any cost! And, here they are, they simply miss wishing me! Ok, I was exaggerating a bit, I actually mean that they do wish, but after they have had sufficient subtle and many in-your-face hints! I mean, they are not like me who would plan for birthdays, days in advance and plan for nice surprises. Thankfully KG, when asked, knows my birthday of course he wouldn’t remember to wish me on the D-day!

I remember a few years ago, on my birthday, like every other day, KG and I were having our morning tea with newspapers around us. The man, as usual, didn’t remember that it’s his wife’s birthday! He realized it was my birthday when he heard me saying ‘Thank yous’ on two consecutive calls!

The other year it was the pings on my blackberry that woke him up from his slumber.

Last year, it was Facebook which reminded him when he was in the loo!!

And this year, he remembered it but after a while. It was certainly not his first thought after waking up, but after a few stretches and yawns, the realization dawned on him. Thank God for small blessings!

And the child!! Well, KG had to remind him to wish me!! Sigh!!

When I met Aaryan last month to bring him back home for vacation, the first thing he asked me after the pleasantries was about my birth date. I dodged that question. He then told me that he has bought a gift for me! How innocent kids can be!! They certainly can’t keep secrets! I asked him about it and this time he dodged the question. I left it at that and this morning he presented me a book. And I am touched and amused at the same time.

Aaryan knows about my love for books so he thought of buying a book for me during the then scheduled town visit on 14th November. Somehow the town visit got cancelled. But the school band was rewarded with a town visit for their efforts during all the school functions. Aaryan requested his class mate, Krishh who is a part of the school band to buy a book. Aaryan, of course knows only about Geronimo Stilton, Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, A to Z Mysteries Series etc and has no clue about Mommy’s reading tastes. Of course, as expected Krishh was equally clueless. Given his knowledge, age, comprehension, he bought this book for me.


I would love to know what thoughts Krishh had while buying this book. This book is meant for teenagers, but I am looking forward to reading it soon!

Last year, my birthday had a special date of 20.12.2012 and it is special this year too… 20.12.2013!

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59 thoughts on “20.12.2013

  1. Happy birthday Shilpa. My hubby forgets my B day and now has a reminder in his cell-phone. While we ladies can never forget important dates.

    • It wishes you too! 😆
      All you have to do is login on any Google app… Gmail, Blogger etc, on your birthday and then open a new tab of Google.com Hover your cursor around the logo and it will wish you! I discovered it last year!! 😀

  2. Happy Birthday Shilpa!
    I am sure you had a good time today with your loved ones. Even I don’t remember birthdays, many times I have forgotten my son’s , luckily there is facebook now to remind me of everybody’s birthday,
    Be always happy, friendly and the wonderful writer that you are.

  3. Happy birthday Shilpa. I am little late in wishing. So thoughtful of Aryan to get you a book. Even dad and I usually forget to wish mom. She used to give us some hints and only then would we realize. But nowadays, I keep an alarm or something to remind me 🙂 I am really terrible when it comes to remembering dates.

    • Thank you A 🙂 Yes, love his sweet gesture 🙂
      LOL @ your Mom giving hints! Last year, it was my parents’ anniversary and their friend called Dad and congratulated him. Dad kept the phone on hold and asked Mom about the same! 😆

  4. Wish you a very happy Birthday Shilpa..:)
    I remember birthdays of all my dear and near ones and keep thinking about wishing them from days ahead and even the day before and end up forgetting on the D day until reminded by fb/reminder/someone. This year, even on 8th Dec night I was reminding my husband to wish my dee on her b-day next day and telling my neighbor about my sister’s b-day on 9th and mother’s on 10th of dec. And then I forget wishing dee on 9th until she sends me a msg in the afternoon ” u forgot? 🙁 ” I hadn’t kept reminder on my phone because I thought there was no chance I would ever forget her b-day!

    • Thank you so much Seena. 🙂
      LOL 😆 That’s so funny! 😀 Happens!! Guess, it’s the same with KG. Remembering it all the while and then forgetting on the D-Day! 🙄

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  8. Belated birthday wishes Shilpa. Hope you had a great day. When its kid gifts it to you , even a kindergarteners book of phonics would be special, leave alone one meant for teenagers I suppose 😀 My son and brother are also Capricorns 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for your wishes, Jayashree. Yes, we had a great time. I know, it’s the thought and the gesture that counts! I am a Saggi! So, your son’s birthday must be around the corner… what party plans for the lil big boy?

  9. Belated Birthday wishes to you shilpa !
    I loved visiting your beautiful, neat and inspiring blog, and enjoyed reading this post, I like the way you treated yourself, and also the cute little book that you got for your birthday, hope you had a wonderful time, and wishing you many more years of health, wealth and happiness !!

  10. hope u had a fantastic birthday!! and oh yea..hubbies can be like that!! mine doesn’t forget my birthday, but i can’t expect to be surprised with gifts etc etc.. he’ll say u tell me what u want i’ll get it for u! so much for surprises!!

    btw, that google doodle was a new one!!

  11. Belated Happy Birthday !
    How thoughtful of your son. My son is just 7months old. Hope he is thoughtful like yours. I bugged my husband for a few weeks that he & gifts/surprises have nothing in common. He surprised me the night earlier to my birthday by arriving earlier from an outstation trip plus cake cutting at 12am. Perfect I would say!
    He still confuses our Anniversary date though after 2years of marriage :p

    • Thanks a lot, NAV.
      May your wishes for your son comes true! 🙂
      That’s a cool beginning I would say…. bug some more and he will be perfect in giving you surprises 😉 😀
      Dont lose hope… with patience and practice, he will remember the anniversary too! 😀 Good luck 🙂

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