True Story


She could not believe that this was happening to her.

The oscillation between hope and anguish made her bite her non-existent nails.

She looked as if she were about to burst into tears when he shook his head and said, ‘The operating system of your laptop has got corrupted and you need to reformat it!”

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Expectation vs Reality

55 Fiction

She knew what she was getting into from the very beginning.

Can she wiggle out by dropping out now?

She casts a quick glance over her shoulder and finds their eyes smiling expectantly at her.

She can’t let them down. She mustn’t! She won’t!

She clears her throat to speak…

And her mind goes blank.

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55 Fiction

The growing pile of unread books is gathering dust.

The recorded TV programs of the week lie unwatched.

The love and support from buddies has not been acknowledged, still.

The project deadlines are looming large and closer.

The deferred items on the To-Do list threatens to have a snowballing effect.

Tomorrow. She whispers to herself!

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Wishful Thinking

55 Fiction

What we had was beautiful, what we had was true.

But what we had is now over, it’s all in the past.

A gripping pain pierces me to see that you have moved on.

I see you happy with him and I’m torn apart from inside.

Someday, I will be over you too.

I think.

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Caught by the Sea

55 Fiction

The sea and the moving tides beckoned her, again.

They had lots in common, the shifting moods for one.

The waves rolled and murmured rhythmically, calming and welcoming her today.

She sat motionless, remembering when the sea had exploded with its stormy temper and had tossed everything around but for a pair of tiny shoes.


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Caught Red-Handed

55 Fiction

Hey sexy lady!

Hey! This is Myra! I think that’s for Kiara! Right?

Nope! I know what I am doing. It’s meant for you!

Really? Well, I’m flattered.

Let’s meet at the club. 8 sounds ok? Just don’t tell Kiara.

Of course, I don’t have to tell her. She is reading this over my shoulder.

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Fragile Lives

55 Fiction

Using stealth, the predator hid in stillness, waiting for the quarry to drift by.

Oblivious to the looming threat, the chickens clucked all over the yard.

The predator lunged forward and with a sweeping motion grabbed a chicken, impaling it with sharp teeth.

Yesterday, the predator was driven to its grave by the speeding truck.

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What You Don’t Know

55 Fiction

You know that my heart has been ripped into a thousand pieces and it still goes on beating.

You know that my heart is hurting and am still not dying from it!

What you don’t know is that despite all, in spite of all… my heart is hoping that it’s you and me together again!

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Stranger than Fiction

55 Fiction

Their hatred towards each other was mutual and burnt as strong as ever!

They chose to fight it out to settle things once and for all.

They fought fiercely and unwaveringly for long till one fell.

He danced and rejoiced while celebrating his victory and stumbled to his death down a steep flight of stairs

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All in a Day’s Work

55 Fiction

In my mind, I am miles away.

Her voice brings me back into reality.

I see several hands receding and hear some sighs of relief.

With exasperation written over her face, she repeats on seeing my blank face.

I mumble something.

She smiles ,”Yes, that’s the correct answer”, and adds sarcastically, “for some other question!”

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