Kindness #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

My theme for this year’s Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is Cultivating Happiness. Today, K is for Kindness.


55 Fiction

He felt the note in his pocket as he wearily walked down the bridge.

People rushed past him.

Nobody even looked his way.

They must’ve things on their minds.

He read the note again, “I’m walking to the bridge. If one person smiles at me on the way, I will not jump.”

And he jumped.


*Based on a true story.

A Word to the Wise

We rise by lifting others

You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.’Be kind to yourself.  Be kind to others. Do random acts of kindness. Being kind to others will give you more happiness than being unkind.

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34 thoughts on “Kindness #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

  1. This story shook me to the core, so sad that no one smiled at him. Being kind takes nothing away from us,it only adds to our life. Sometimes we need reminders like these in our busy lives.

  2. Wonderful shilpa.. So true. Suicide is preventable form of death. Persons contemplating never want to die
    They wait and hope that some one will rescue..
    Thanks for inspiring…. I am currently busy with awareness programme on psychological counseling.. Mainly to tell our students we are there for them

  3. Damn. Reading this story is going to force me to plaster a smile on my face, anytime I see a dejected looking person walking alone! :O

    Really. We need to be a little more kind to people around us. Even if they’re not at the edge. Maybe our kindness will never let them get there? 🙂

  4. oh that’s so sad especially knowing it is a true story. Yes , small acts of kindness can bring so much happiness. We have to slow down, look around and yes if a smile can save a life , why not smile?

  5. I think I have read a similar story where someone stopped a guy and asked him for directions. The guy then dropped his suicide idea. Strange but such things exist.

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