C is for Conflict

My theme for this year’s Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is Marriage from A to Z in 55 Words. Today’s post is on Conflict in Marriage. C is for Conflict in Marriage 55 Fiction He watched the distant sea from his office.Conflicts in Marriage

Out of nowhere the sea swelled up and enormous waves started lashing the coast.

The winds howled and added to the cacophony of his inner turmoil.

He switched off the lights and wondered if the imminent storm would be as turbulent as the one brewing at home.

A Word to the Wise Be quick to resolve conflicts before they mature to become wars. The energetic crocodile was once a delicate egg! Israelmore Ayivor

Join me in enjoying blogs from fellow A to Zers Carol Graham, Carrie~Anne Foster, Cathy Graham, Cristina Trinidad, Corinne Rodrigues. Do share some blog love with them too!

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104 thoughts on “C is for Conflict

  1. Wow, that quote just makes sense.

    BTW, I feel to resolve any kind of conflict, one must always keep the lines of communication open at all times, else it just collapses 🙂 Nice 55er!

  2. You are such a genius Shilpa!!
    I started this challenge today, and believe me when i read your posts I was totally impressed. I have always loved your blog and your writing style, but taking up a blogging challenge with a theme in itself is challenging; and to top that selecting a sub- theme within that is even more courageous!
    Wish you all the very best and would be looking forward to every post of yours…:) cheers…

    • Thank you for your warm words D! Glad that you are doing this challenge too! Hopping over to your blog in a short while! And all the very best to you too 🙂

  3. Sometimes the conflict can be so strong, that quick resolutions are not possible. But yes, we need to at least make the effort before it snowballs into something out of proportion. I really like these snippets and views into the human condition that you provide daily, Shilpa.

    • Yes, some conflicts take longer to resolve but as you rightly said, attempts to sort them out should be made. Thanks a lot, Shailaja, glad you liking these presentations!

  4. Things I love:
    1. your posts are nice and short.
    2. you write so beautifully and fit so much wisdom into such a short string of words.

    umm, I think that’s about it? 😀

    I’m single so can’t really relate, but I do know that holding in angry words (as you mentioned in post “A”) is not healthy at all. if you’re spending your relationship doing that, it’s best to stop immediately … and if necessary, break up!

    • Thanks a lot, Trisha. Glad you are liked the short fiction that I am writing here! 🙂
      You are right, winning an argument with a smile rather than angry words holds true in all relationships, same is the case with Balance and Conflicts… actually the theme, I am using has its applicability in managing and maintaining other relationships too 🙂

  5. The conflicts at home are more devastating at times, love the imagery. Nature’s fury is well linked to the inner turmoil, great post.

  6. Shilpa,

    Visiting after a long time. Read 6 posts. One should be what one is and follow own conscience and not try to be what others wish one to be. You have tempted me to go for this book – Soldier and spice. Let me see if it is available in our library. One needs to move on and not live in the past as you told in Could Have Been. A to C is so true for a happy married life, why for any happy relationship. Hope you continue this from D to Z also. I will have to visit on daily basis to catch up with your such gems.

    Take care

  7. Storms on the home front can be really devastating, but a few occasional storms are way better than a pent up volcano. The croc quote is just brilliant Shilpa!!

  8. Nice thoughts. I also like the croc theory, it is so very true. In every relationship we must remember there is always a middle path, and we must never let go of that path.

  9. “Be quick to resolve conflicts before they mature to become wars.”

    Absolutely true. Sometimes what can be doused by just words turn out to be a drama for the world to see.

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