O is to Overcome Problems Together

My theme for this year’s Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is Marriage from A to Z in 55 Words. O is to Overcome Problems Together in Marriage!

O is to Overcome Problems Together in Marriage

55 Fiction

She saw him staring at the wall.

‘Where are you stuck?’, she asked.

‘A 7 letter word for ‘WORK TOGETHER’, he answered absent-mindedly.Completing a Crossword

‘Hmmm… work together, as in ‘work in tandem’, right?’, she asked with a smile.

‘Yes, one word’, he said with eyes focused on crossword.

‘How about a PARTNER, partner?,’ she replied triumphantly!

A Word to the Wise

The best relationships in our lives are the best not because they have been the happiest ones, they are that way because they have stayed strong through the most tormentful of storms. – Pandora Poikilos


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44 thoughts on “O is to Overcome Problems Together

  1. Wonderful, husband and wife are definitely a team who work towards a smooth life for their children and their own. I realized the importance of team work between me and my husband only after my daughter was born 🙂

  2. Love the idea of two people sharing an umbrella and their dreams under it. Marriages are like a roller-coaster, sometimes up, the other times down. The ride together is fun, liked your creative style today 🙂

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