Q is for Quality Time

My theme for this year’s Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is Marriage from A to Z in 55 Words. Q is for Quality Time in Marriage!

Q is for Quality Time in Marriage

55 Fiction

A luxurious house, high profile jobs, fat paychecks, expensive cars…

They were living the dream.

Though running the dream seemed more accurate.

To bond and unwind they decided to go for a dinner date at the club.

Amidst drinks and food, he bonded with ‘ friends’ on Twitter while she unwinded by playing Candy Crush.

A Word to the Wise

Because how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. – Annie Dillard

Like little seeds of love, your relationships will blossom and grow stronger with each moment you sow into them. --@Ashley McIlwain

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39 thoughts on “Q is for Quality Time

  1. I know it is the wrong letter, but one thing I am sure that is important in a marriage is kindness. I’m sure you would agree. I’m writing about gardening and related topics this month. Having a wonderful time finding new blogs like yours.

  2. ah! Candy crush!! I have begun to hate it even before I ever played it! Just because my friends are so occupied in it that they don’t seem to notice people around!

  3. Shilpa,

    Right you are. Where is bonding of hearts unless you spend Quality time together and not just be with each other?

    Take care

  4. Good point Shilpa.
    For us we have all the time together, we literally do everything together. We understand each other, what more can one ask.
    Yes I have seen couples together yet they are so far from each other in their own world.
    And I have also seen couples who spend quality time with each other too.

  5. so true Shilpa….and these days this happens not only with couples but with friends & sometimes with family too; no one seems to get away from their gadgets & spend quality time with real people in the real world. 🙁
    dreamzandclouds recently posted…MARK DOWNSMy Profile

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