Z is to Zip It Up

My theme for this year’s Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is Marriage from A to Z in 55 Words. Z is to Zip it up… the gossiping with others about your spouse in Marriage!

Z is to Zip it Up in Marriage

55 Fiction

Her head snaps up and she stares at her friend, disbelieving

A hundred questions races through her mind.

Is there truth in what her friend just told her?

How can she ask without sounding too desperate for the answers?

Or should she defend and share the reality?

She’d rather smile and zip it up all.

A Word to the Wise

The most serious drawback to the telling-nothing approach is that it made that much more of a mystery of what had happened, and the nature of gossip abhors a vacuum of the unexplained.
Robin McKinley


survivor-atoz [2014]

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40 thoughts on “Z is to Zip It Up

  1. The quote is spot on Shilpa, not everyone deserves to know the real you. From A to Z, you have provided a insightful compilation of what all goes into making marriage the meaningful bond it should be. Take a bow Shilpa for acing the challenge!!
    Reshma recently posted…V for vacantMy Profile

  2. it has been a great learning experience reading your posts on marriage and your wonderful insights. Congrats on finishing the challenge in style.

  3. Take a bow, shilpa! Each one of your 55er was a gem and i would suggest you even compile them into a book. An ideal gift for many couples.

    I am sure it must have been a tough challenge, to choose the right ingredient of marriage, compose them coherently into 55 words . The wise words and the quotes were like cream and cherry to your 55er!!

  4. And that’s a stylish end to the challenge 🙂 Yes, stay away from gossip. Nobody cares but everybody wants the juicy dose of the day.

    Congrats Shilpa! Been a pleasure hopping onto the challenge with you:)
    Shailaja recently posted…Zest for lifeMy Profile

  5. Shilpa,

    Read 2 posts now. It is true that if there is no Yearning to do something new the life becomes dull leading to almost robotic or mechanical living. One surely needs to know when and to whom should one open up with, otherwise best is to Zip up as you say.

    Take care

  6. Zipping it up definitely helps have a successful (at least superficially) marriage. Moreover in most cases, the gossiping leads to disastrous advice and troubles a not-so-troublesome relationship. I don’t know if I ever told you, but you have a very good way with this 55 fiction and Drabble only 100. You touch almost every aspect of life with the minimum number of words.
    Rekha recently posted…When Cupid Strikes…My Profile

  7. All your posts have been so wonderful and expressive with great messages hidden within . Loved reading your work 🙂
    Congrats on successfully completing the challenge . Glad to have connected through A-Z 🙂
    Sushree Dash recently posted…Zest….My Profile

  8. Brilliant post ! i missed out on a few of the older one’s , I loved your theme and your great expressions for a healthy relationship. Thank you for sharing ! congrats for completing the challenge, you are an inspiration.

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